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Thus SAITH the Preacher
Donated by Bro. Curtis
When you get to the end of the rope then tie a knot and hang on.

The usefulness of a postage stamp lies in it's ability to stick to one thing until it gets to where it's going.

When Eve was made; Some say it was Adams backbone that was taken not his rib.

God pity the man with a gigantic brain and the back bone of a tadpole.

Well done Thou good and faithful servant: Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things. (Mt. 25:21)

You cant be down in the mouth and upon your toes at the same time.

Because a battle is lost, doesn't mean the war is over; nor does a battle won.

One deserves small credit for being able to start something. The man who can stay with it is the better man.

Any coward can praise Christ, but it takes a man of courage to stay with him.

The one man who is worse than a quitter is the man who is afraid to begin.

The Lord preserveth the faithful & plentifully rewardeth the doer. (Ps. 31:23)

Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful that they may dwell with Me. (ps. 101:6)

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